Who by fire

Viasaterna is pleased to present, the first solo exhibition of Elena Ricci (Rome, 1973), Who by fire, with a selection of works made with different painting techniques that originates from the photographic fragments.

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Guido Guidi. Altre Storie

Viasaterna is proud to present a solo exhibition of the work of Guido Guidi (Cesena, 1941). Guido Guidi. Altre storie is the title of the exhibition project curated by Marco De Michelis and Paola Nicolin, which through a selection of around sixty photographs, largely unseen before, offe..

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ARTEFIERA 2019| Takashi Homma

Installation view of ArteFiera 2019 from the 1st to the 4th of February. Booth B48 in the Photographic section and moving images curated by Fantom with Takashi Homma's work.

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Viasaterna is pleased to announce Kaleidos, first solo show of Teresa Giannico (Bari, 1985). The exhibition presents two projects representing stories of real interiors, intimate spaces and suspended worlds that are constituted by sediments of objects of different nature as in the Kaleidos game. ..

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Installation view Artissima 2018, 1-4 November. Booth 02 Main Section with the work of Alessandro Calabrese and Teresa Giannico and booth 01 Back to the Future, with Guido Guidi's work. Read more


ArtVerona 2018, 12 - 15 October. Raw Zone booth 01   Read more

CASINO PALERMO #7 - Oli Bonzanigo

With a series of artworks and a sound installation realized by the sound duo Borromini and pianist Ornella Cerniglia, for Casino Palermo Oli Bonzanigo revived the Canzoniere of the Arab poet Ibn Hamdis (1056 - 1133) through an exercise of demolition and recomposition of some of its origi..

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CASINO PALERMO #6 - Ramak Fazel

Born in Abadan (Iran) in 1965, Ramak Fazel lives and works in Claremont (California). Formed as a photographer, Ramak Fazel is a poliedric artist as it transpires from Milan Unit, an extraordinary archive made of prints, negatives, original documents and personal ephemera collected by the artist b..

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CASINO PALERMO #5 - Theo Drebbel

Inspired by the symbols and religious traditions of the Sicilian culture and through an horizontal path that recalls the linearity of time, for Casino Palermo Theo Drebbel created a new series of dioramas, Omaggio and Avanzamento, together with the infinite chariot Conclusioni per un carro non vis..

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CASINO PALERMO #4 - Martina Corà

For Casino Palermo, Martina filmed herself while performing a solitary procession through the Monte Pellegrino hill. The images where then projected on a custom traditional chariot in Via Alloro 129. Read more

CASINO PALERMO #3 - Teresa Giannico

For Casino Palermo Teresa Giannico took inspiration from the house in Via Alloro 129 and transformed it in a new set for the creation of a new diorama. Read more

CASINO PALERMO #2 - Takashi Homma

For the first time in Sicily, Takashi Homma has created for Casino Palermo a group of images that expand the series The Narcissistic city (2016). The corpus of work has been produced with the camera obscura technique, a long and extremely methodic process traditionally used by Rainassance paint..

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CASINO PALERMO #1 - Alessandro Calabrese

CASINO PALERMO #1 - Alessandro Calabrese 04.06 - 10.06 For Casino Palermo Alessandro Calabrese​ explored the city of Palermo, collecting feelings and encounters, conversations and thoughts. "Barracuda" is a series of handwritten posters that, mixing quotes and personal sensations, exceeds..

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Casino Palermo

From the 4th of June to the 29th of July 2018 Open from Monday to Sunday, from 5-8 pm. Mornings by appointment. Via Alloro 129, 90133, Palermo ph. +39 3755152721

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Marion Baruch and Alessandro Teoldi

Viasaterna presents a new exhibition project that for the first time creates a dialogue between the work of two artists: the radical figure of Marion Baruch (Romania, 1929), active ever since the end of the 1960s in Italy and France, and the young, emerging artist Alessandro Teoldi (Italy, 1987), ..

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Barbara De Ponti and Jens Risch - Forma Mentis

Viasaterna presents Forma Mentis, an exhibition project which brings together the work of Barbara De Ponti (Milan, 1975) and Jens Risch (Rudolstadt, Germany, 1973). For the first time in Milan, the exhibition presents, the latest project by Barbara De Ponti, Clay Time Code, and a..

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Artissima 2017

Artissima 2017 Torino - New Entries - Stand 24: Theo Drebbel, from the series Dioramas, 2016 Guido Guidi, from La Tomba Brion di Carlo Scarpa, 2007 Federico Clavarino, from the series The Castle, 2016 Read more

Alessandro Calabrese - Impasse

The term impasse defines the blind alley, the dead-end road. In broader terms, it draws on the imagery of a vicious circle, of a condition of unease and uncertainty, apparently impossible to overcome. It’s this situation of pseudo-paralysis (of the image? of the photographic language? o..

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I need a challenge - Michele Lupi and Ramak Fazel

Viasaterna is pleased to host the first Milan Unit deepening event.

Tuesday 10th October, at 19.

The exhibition Milan Unit will remain open until Friday 13th October. The archive M..

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Ramak Fazel - Milan Unit

With Milan Unit, Viasaterna presents for the first time an in itinere project, hosting for the ensuing one-year period the entire archive that the artist Ramak Fazel (Abadan, Iran, 1965) constructed and assembled during the arc of time starting in 1994 when he first came to Milan..

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Pioggia secca

المطر الجافة / Pioggia secca presents for the first time the work of Olì Bonzanigo (Milan, 1989), invited to dialogue with the gallery space. In the project room, two mysterious objects stand out against the darkness and reverberate in the light of two Wood lamps ..

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2016 - On New Italian Photography: the book

2016 - On New Italian Photography: an exhibition and now a book. We are happy to present it with Fantom and Gianluigi Ricuperati. Tuesday 16 May at 7pm // 2016 ..

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Incontro con Joseph Grima

During Milano Photo Week, we look forward to seeing you with Joseph Grima for a conversation about Takashi Homma's work. Tuesday 6 June, at 7pm. Read more

Lorenzo Vitturi - MIART

We look forward to seeing you with Lorenzo Vitturi's work at MIART, booth E22, from March 30 to April 2.      

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Takashi Homma - La città narcisista. Milano e altre storie

For the first time in Italy, La città narcisista. Milano e altre storie presents an appraisal of the work of the Japanese photographer Takashi Homma, operating on the international scene since the early 1990s. The exhibition revolves around three main themes which recur throughout the..

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Mario Milizia - Controcuore

From Wednesday 25th of January to Friday 17th of March 2017 Opening Tuesday 24th of January, from 6 pm to 9 pm The first solo show by Mario Milizia in the spaces of the VIASATERNA Gallery, Controcuore is the result of a combination of his recent work carried ..

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Due nuovi incontri con l'editoria

On the occasion of the PhotoVogue Festival, Viasaterna hosts two new meetings related to the photographic publishing.


tue 11/22 7pm: THE MODERN SPIRIT IS VIVISECTIVE, presentation of France..

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From the 12th of October till the 23rd of Dicember 2016 Opening the 11th of October from 6pm to 9pm For the first time in Italy, the exhibition features a selection of recent works by the Japanese artist Kensuke Karasawa (Aichi, Japan, 1987) and the latest project by Francesca Rivetti (Milan..

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2016 - On New Italian Photography / Publishing

On the occasion of the group exhibition curated by Fantom 2016 - On New Italian Photography, Viasaterna will host a series of meetings with publishers and artists  Read more

2016 - On New Italian Photography

From the 8th of June till the 16th of September 2016 Opening the 7th of June from 6pm to 9pm 2016 – On New Italian Photography features works by Alessandro Calabrese, Federico Clavarino, Martina Corà, Bea De Giacomo, Teresa Giannico, Delfino Sisto Legnani, Allegra ..

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Lorenzo Vitturi incontra Walter Guadagnini

Viasaterna offers Lorenzo Vitturi an evening on the occasion of the exhibition Droste Effect, Debris and Other Problems. The solo show, curated by fantom, brings together a series of works designed especially for the gallery spaces. Proceeding through cross references and ..

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Lorenzo Vitturi - Droste Effect, Debris and Other Problems

From the 6th of April till the 20th of May 2016 Opening the 5th of April from 6pm to 9pm After the international success gained by the work Dalston Anatomy, Viasaterna presents the first solo show in Italy by Lorenzo Vitturi. The exhibition, curated by Fantom, brings together a serie..

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Theo Drebbel - project room #1

Curated by Fantom From the 23rd of February till the 11th of March 2016 Opening 23rd of February from 6pm till 9pm The exhibition presents for the first time the work of a young Italian artist, invited to create a dialogue with the works by Luca Andreoni and Zhou Siwei, parts of the main ..

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Inferno - Il film

In collaboration with Cineteca di Bologna and within the ongoing exhibition Your Silent Face - Luca Andreoni and Zhou Siwei curated by Fantom, Viasaterna is proud to announce the showing of the film Inferno (Italy, 1911), which inspires the exhibited work by Luca Andreoni..

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Your Silent Face

Curated by Fantom From the 15th of december till the 11th of march 2016 Opening 15th of december from 6pm till 9pm The exhibition associates the new work by Luca Andreoni, Inferno 1911, with a selection of works by Zhou Siwei, who make his Italian debut here. Inferno 1911..

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Guido Guidi incontra Sergio Giusti

On the occasion of the solo show Col tempo - Nei dintorni di Carlo Scarpa curated by Fantom and ongoing until the 27th of November, Viasaterna hosted the italian photographer Guido Guidi for a conversation with the scholar and critic Sergio Giusti about th..

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Guido Guidi | Col tempo - Nei dintorni di Carlo Scarpa

Curated by Fantom From the 14th of october to the 3rd of december 2015 Opening 13th of october, 6pm – 9pm The exhibition Col tempo – nei dintorni di Carlo Scarpa shows a selection of 118 photographs from the work of one of the most important italian photographers, Guido Gu..

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Picture Perfect

On the virality of photography Curated by Fantom From the 27th of May until 31st of July 2015 Opening: 26th of May, 6pm – 9pm In consideration of the viral development of photography, which today is involved not just in other areas of art but in all dimensions of society..

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Cinema Nascosto

In inglese.

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