In Crescendo | Martina Corà

Viasaterna presents the new project, In Crescendo, by Martina Corà (Como, 1987) that analyzes music as origin and form of the 3D sculptures exhibited. This passage takes place through a digital process, involving a software able to detect the movements of the orchestra conductor while performing a piece. Along with the sculptures presented in the exhibition, during the opening it will be hosted a concert by the ensemble Musica Instrumentalis, conducted by Giovanni Pavesi.

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The variety in expressivity during the execution, allowed Corà to map a vast repertoire of distinct gestures and movements. The artist focused on three main sections of the compositions: the first corresponding to measures 21 – 25 of the score that draws punctual gestures and clear lines; the second at bars 55 – 78 are the heart’s symphony, rich of pathos and expressiveness, which highlights a climax, while the last measures 106 – 110 are a diaphanous farewell rich of intimacy and smooth lines. The differences in the musical intensities and vibrations are decoded in the tensions of the matter, with the result of a transposition from one medium to another, from the state of sound to the one of work of art, into the reign of representation.

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