Guido Guidi. Altre Storie

Viasaterna is proud to present a solo exhibition of the work of Guido Guidi (Cesena, 1941). Guido Guidi. Altre storie is the title of the exhibition project curated by Marco De Michelis and Paola Nicolin, which through a selection of around sixty photographs, largely unseen before, offers a new perspective on the work and research of one of the masters of Italian photography.

The exhibition unfolds through various narrative registers: the first floor hosts a selection of works on architecture and landscape, while the itinerary continues on the lower floor with a previously unseen selection of portraits of Anna Guidi, the artist’s daughter.

Independent from one another in terms of subject, architecture, landscapes and portraiture – i.e. buildings and people – constitute two interweaving and indissoluble paths in terms of themes address and methodologies adopted. What appears to be separate is profoundly united; what is sensed as fragmentary, on closer inspection is perfectly symmetrical. Together they constitute the two sides of the moon, testifying to the coherence, solidity and conceptual structure of his work.




Installation view Guido Guidi Altre Storie

Installation view Guido GuidiInstallation view Guido Guidi Altre Storie copia

Installation view Guido Guidi Altre Storie 02Installation view Guiod Guidi 09

Installation view Guido Guidi Altre Storie 05

Installation view Guiod Guidi 10



Installation view Guiod Guidi 08

Installation view Guiod Guidi 07

Installation view Guiod Guidi 06