2016 - On New Italian Photography

From the 8th of June till the 16th of September 2016
Opening the 7th of June from 6pm to 9pm

2016 – On New Italian Photography features works by Alessandro Calabrese, Federico Clavarino, Martina Corà, Bea De Giacomo, Teresa Giannico, Delfino Sisto Legnani, Allegra Martin, Vittoria Mentasti, Domingo Milella, Francesco Nazardo, Alessandro Sambini, Lele Saveri and The Cool Couple. It is an initial reconnaissance undertaken by VIASATERNA on the contemporary Italian photography scene, of which it captures the great vitality through the work of 13 artists chosen on the basis of their originality and the heterogeneity of their various research paths, identified as the key elements representing those to be found throughout the nation. The exhibition is accompanied by a selection of publications from recently founded publishing houses, largely independent, both from Italy and abroad, including Automatic Books, Cesura Lab, Dalpine, Dashwood Books, Discipula, Edition Du Lic, Ed. Patrick Frey, Humboldt Books, LDS Edition, NastyNasty©, Nomadic Edition, Osservatorio Fotografico, Planar Books, Rizzoli Books, Rorhof, Skinnerboox, Steidl, Witti Kiwi. A fundamental contribution to the spread of work by Italian artists abroad, to their aggregation and the renewal of a whole system, Publishing is the 14th protagonist of this show, the driving force behind the establishment of photography – of Italian photography in particular – thanks to its capillary and accessible nature.

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2016 - On New Italian Photography, installation view #8 © Viasaterna

2016 - On New Italian Photography, installation view #2 © Viasaterna